Winter Update

After taking much of the fall off — though SF Indie Fashion continued to run smoothly — to spend time with my son, who arrived on Sept. 1, I happily returned to covering San Francisco fashion each week and resumed several of my freelance gigs at the beginning of the year. Here’s an update on where you can find my writing and other professional pursuits these days:

7×7 and 7× I cover fashion each week for the magazine’s web site and occasionally contribute to print.

San Francisco Chronicle: You’ll find my work in the newspaper’s Sunday Style section from time to time, as well as in the monthly magazine SFiS. Recently, I wrote a feature about the Irma bracelet and contributed to the 2010 Year in Fashion.

SF Unzipped: I write for the San Francisco Chronicle’s online style blog once each week. You’ll generally find my posts up on Fridays.

SF Indie Fashion: Every week day (and some weekends) you’ll find fresh content featuring the Bay Area’s wealth of design talent, fashion happenings, beauty news and independent retailers. The site has been growing steadily over the last few months, and we continue to tackle bigger and better things. I’ve been pleased to establish more news partnerships, which have led to our content appearing on sites such as Vivanista and The Feast. Stay tuned for what’s on the horizon this year.

Academy of Art: While I miss teaching (and look forward to when I can expand my work schedule and do so again), I am glad I am able to act as an academic advisor for a fashion journalism student here this spring.

Provocateur Media: During the fall, I began working with this local public relations agency on a consulting basis to help agency clients interested in the benefit of the journalist’s perspective on their campaigns. It’s been fun, rewarding and an interesting change of pace to work with local retailers and brands in this capacity, and I look forward to continuing my work on this front in the future.

Fashion Unraveled: The 2nd edition of this excellent resource for emerging designers is out, and I was thrilled to have a four-page section on blogging and social media included in its pages.

And as always, you can find out the latest musings from yours truly by staying in touch via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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