Introducing Digital Style Digest

Earlier this month, I launched Digital Style Digest, a new site focused on the quickly growing (some might say exploding) fashion and technology space. It came out of the gate with a bang during a May 15 launch party (see some great and occasionally ridiculous pics from that here) and has since continued to receive a great reader response, with our numbers growing rapidly and lots of interesting new collaborations and projects in the works.

In the short time since the official launch, we’ve had some nice little press mentions:

Blogger Launches New Site Melding Fashion and Technology via The Chic Spy

Launch party coverage in San Francisco Chronicle’s SFiS Style section

Fashion Bloggers on the Runway via Wired

Launch mention via Cision Navigator

A few other things to note:

We’ve got a nice, growing Fashion and Technology Events calendar. Feel free to send in events, and we’ll list them.

Any and all feedback is always appreciated.


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