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Under Clothes: Episode 2

mannequin on a brick wall background

Welcome to Under Clothes, the podcast about fashion that’s a little left of center and under the radar. We’re not here to tell you what to wear, but to talk about why you care what you wear, why we care, why anyone would care. We’re here to look at style that might be able to do a little good in the world, nerd out about up-and-coming brands, ask questions that don’t get asked in glossy fashion mags and – from time to time – make fun of some idiotic press releases that end up in our inboxes.

In Under Clothes Episode 2, we get irreverent just in time for Valentine’s Day. Yes, we had to put an “explicit” warning at the beginning, so if you like stuff that’s beyond vanilla, here you go. The theme? Why lingerie, of course. Well, lingerie and bras and boobs and Valentine’s Day lingerie-gifting etiquette and a few digressions into tangential, but still related, territories at the end that may be the best part of the entire ‘cast.

In the first half, we learn what’s under Haley’s shirt and how she worked every weekday starting at age 14 to change it. Then didn’t. And why. We also talk to the founders of ThirdLove, a San Francisco lingerie brand using technology to change the way bras are designed, sized and sold. From there, we delve into a very strange, but very real truth about the lingerie industry that every woman should know.

In the second half of the show, San Francisco Chronicle columnist and reporter Tony Bravo joins us – brave man that he is – to give us the lowdown on the rules and regs of giving lingerie. How do things like Indiana Jones, Tom Brady, poppers and crotchless underwears make it into the mix? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We finish up with a segment I’ve always wanted to do…somewhere…but have never had the chance. Until now.

A note that the ‘cast is homegrown by audio amateurs. We put a lot of love into this, but there are some bumps in the aural road you’re about to encounter. We hope that gives us a nice, casual, worn-in quality. Just like your favorite tee. Let us know what you think.

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