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Under Clothes: Episode 3

mannequin on a brick wall background

Spring cleaning: it’s both an opportunity and pretty f-ing scary. Besides avoiding the rotator cuff injury hazards of yanking stuff out of a too-packed closet, there are other reasons to do it: a breezy peace of mind, more space, maybe some extra money if you can re-sell (or even rent, yes, rent!) your clothes to others. But woah, decisions. What to do with it all? And where does it go once it’s gone from your house? And oh yeah, dumb press releases, un-vitations to people’s apartments (cough), stuffed bears in bondage gear and one stinking cute little kid guest opening up the ‘cast.

It’s Under Clothes: Episode 3. As Haley so sagely puts it, “Episode three, what’s it gonna be?” Find out when you listen below.

Fine, here are some hints:

  • First, as promised, the really great and amazing George Packer story from a 2002 issue of the New York Times Magazine. Notice it was also published in the spring, a time when people seem to get universally antsy about their stuff. We are in this category.
  • Speaking of stuff, it’s worth noting that Haley does not own one of these.
  • When unloading your stuff, you’ve got a lot of options. Probably not as many options as things to unload, but many. Some we’ve tried and use and talk about in the episode include Buffalo Exchange, Bib+Tuck, Poshmark, Totspot, ModaVive, San Francisco’s Community Thrift, Goodwill, St. Vincent dePaul Society and – the winner of the clothing donation comedy award – the common brown paper bag.
  • Not quite ready to get rid of something that, deep in your soul, you know you’re not going to wear anytime soon and you’re probably just keeping because you feel guilty getting rid of it or otherwise have pesky psychological attachments to for weight loss/gain or sentimental reasons? There’s an app for that! Well, actually there’s a web site and soon, there will be an app. It’s called StyleLend, and it’s pretty cool. San Francisco only, though. Bay Area girls get all the breaks.
  • Also, Betabrand makes really shit clothes. Seriously. We discuss. It’s a moment when being impressed meets dry-heaving.
  • Haley becomes disturbed not only at a teddy bear she finds in a Castro sex shop, but at my email inbox.
  • Last but not least, we implore you to call us on our new Google Voice number: 323-863-3790 (323-Under-90 if that’s easier). So fresh! So new! I’m going to stop referring to it as a Google Voice number soon. Because, really, just dial. Or tap out the number or whatever it is people do these days. Tell us some stuff. Like what you do with your stuff. We will listen. We may use it for the next podcast. It will be like we’re having a conversation. Only one-sided and with a delay. But that’s cool, too, right? Some of my best conversations have been one-sided.
  • One last last thing, you can listen here: Under Clothes: Episode 3
  • But we would really prefer it if you subscribed on iTunes. **Haley is promising everyone who subscribes a personal woot woot (it’s good, deep with a certain resonance that is hard to find in the average woot).

New to Under Clothes? You can also listen to Episode 1 and Episode 2.


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