Under Clothes: Episode 4


Welcome to UnderClothes: Episode 4 featuring Hunter Oatman-Stanford, a writer and producer for Collectors Weekly. Vintage lovers and collectors of all kinds, this one’s for you.

Recorded at the San Francisco Writers Grotto, the podcast dives into the buying and selling of vintage, just how much collecting is too much collecting and then delves into our usual antics. Stick around until the end to hear how one of us gets punked (is that still a thing?) on Google Voice.

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Useful links and resources from the show:

1) Pay close attention to the style and condition

2) Try, try again

3) Find really old people. Seriously.

  • The organizational manifesto sweeping the nation is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • Vintage shops in San Francisco we mention include Painted Bird, ReLove, Wasteland, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads
  • The friend Hunter mentions is author Emily Spivack, and her book about the tales behind the clothing we wear is Worn Stories. Check it out.
  • There’s a quick shoutout in the show to another Collectors Weekly writer and fabulous person, Lisa Hix, who has written extensively on both fashion and collecting. If you’re into this stuff, you will definitely want to check out her story about New York’s Ziporah Salamon, a favorite of fashion street photographers, for her words on the economics of collecting vintage (it’s cheaper than H&M if you think about it in the right way).
  • Curious about the meaning of On Fleek? Trust us, there’s a tie-in. If you want to feel really in the know, watch the video we mention in the show. Thanks to Newsweek for the tip.

Last but not least, want to leave us a message with feedback, suggestions or requests for future shows? Call us at 323-Under-90. Not you, Haley. Find use elsewhere online @lorrainesanders and on Instagram @digitalstyledig and @colehale

Other reasons to listen:

  • It might make you feel better about your strange collecting habit. Magician paraphernalia? Bedpans? There is a place for you in this world! Not convinced? Hunter wrote an entire story illuminating the secret world of the world’s foremost bedpan collector (yes, there is one).
  • You can determine whether or not your “collecting” habit is actually hoarding. Or worse.
  • You will learn about a very important issue in the cat community.

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